Caring For Your Intimates

You've found the most perfect bra & panty set and you want it to last FOREVER!  It's so tempting to wash it along with your other laundry, but special garments require special care if they are to last.

Hand washing & air drying is definitely the way to go when caring for your intimates. And it is best to use lingerie wash or baby detergent. At Anna Bella, the favorite among our customers is GLAMOROUS WASH by Tyler Candle Company.  And don't we all want to be a bit more glamorous!  This wash is not only delicate for your most wonderful intimates, it makes everything smell DELICIOUS in your home when you wash!  

Glamorous Wash comes in a variety of scents.  Choose from Diva - High Maintenance - Trophy - or Entitled. (which are you??)  With a small amount of detergent, you are able to get your intimates fresh and clean.

But don't stop there.  Why not wash the throw blankets on your couch - or the sheets on your bed.  It is safe to use in your washing machine so you can spread the marvelous scent throughout your entire launtry if you like & enjoy the wonderful scent that will spread throughout your life.

Go on .... give it a try.  You will never look back. 

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