Can't Visit a Bra Fit Specialist ... try this Bra Fit Calculator

Whenever possible, visit your nearest bra fit specialists whenever it's time to purchase bras.  However, if you don't have access to a store specializing in fit, then grab a tape measure and notepad & write down these measurements to get a good indication of your size.  

NOTE:  It is best NOT to wear a bra when taking these measurements.

A:  SNUG UNDERBUST MEASUREMENT  While holding the tape measure parallel to the floor, measure your rib cage right under where breast tissue begins. The tape measure should be snug but not cutting into your skin.  Round to the nearest whole number (29.25" would round to 30").  This is your band size!

B:  BUST MEASUREMENT STANDING  Loosely measure the fullest part of your bust while standing, being sure to keep the tape measure parallel to the floor.

C:  BUST MEASUREMENT LEANING  Loosely measure the fullest part of your bust while leaning over with your back parallel to the floor.

    A = 30"       
    B = 35.5"       
    C = 36"

Now that you have your measurements & know your band size, let's determine your cup size:
Subtract B from C
  • If this number is 2 or GREATER, average the 2 numbers & write this number down as D.  
  • If the number is LESS than 2,  write down the number of C as as well

You are almost there!  Now write down the number you determined as A and subtract the number determined as D.  Use the chart below to find your cup size.    
          36 - 30 = 6.  According to the chart below, 6 = a cup size of E.

 YOUR BRA SIZE would be 30E

Note that this size is a UK Size & can be easily converted into sizing from other countries.

    But remember, you are more than just a number & you mostly likely won't be the same size in every brand.  The team at Anna Bella is happy to offer guidance if you must purchase online.  Drop us an email at or call at 770-777-2800 with the results above & it will be our pleasure to assist! 

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