Boudoir or Not to Boudoir ... That is the Question!

Boudoir photography, although it has been around since the 20's, is redefining sexy in this age of social media. Although boudoir photos have become popular gifts for a bride to give to her groom on their wedding day (for your eyes only), its not just brides!

The growing popularity of visual social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest has everyone wanting to put their best self forward.  Although selfies will always be popular, hiring a boudoir photographer to really capture your essence is the ultimate statement in your personal brand.

According to Sarah Witherington of OWN Boudoir Photography, her "most memorable clients have been women seeking to overcome personal traumas through her work. One client was a victim of sexual assault who wanted to take back her sexuality. Another client asked for a shoot because she was discouraged by years of unsuccessful fertility treatments.  She told me later that I had helped to bring back her sense of femininity and gave her a reason to feel beautiful again.” 

There is no one type of woman who chooses boudoir photography.  It's the mother of 3 who wants her husband to see her once again as the desirable woman he married.  It's the divorcee whose husband left her for a younger woman & now wants a boost of confidence as she enters her newly single life.  It's the woman who has been working hard in the gym and wants to capture her "new" body.  The reasons are infinite.

Although social media has made boudoir photography extremely popular, it endures as it allows every woman to experience her own level of celebrity.

So, for the question to Boudoir or not to Boudoir, the answer is a hearty YES!


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