Beward of the Uniboob!

What is this terrible Uniboob condition you ask?  Uniboob occurs  “when it looks like you have one massive breast."  No matter how big or small your breasts are, it is a fact that ill-fitting bras can create this dreaded look!  

The not-so-funny fact about the uniboob is it can cause chaffing & irritation.  Your breasts are no longer two defined entities, but one solid structure. Sorting out Uniboob is much easier than you might imagine when you can determine the problem. Coose bras that provide breast separation so you end up with a chic and sculpted shape.  If your bra is too small for you, there's a bigger chance that uniboob will be there. 

If the girls are pushed together,  sweat becomes an issue. Also yeast infections & rashes are a problem. Although there are health issues to consider, you should also consider how your look is impacted. 

Look for bras that provide separation for each breast. Let's face it ... 2 nicely shaped breasts definitely win!  

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