Be a Dear.

Donate a Brassiere!
July 1, 2017

This July we are asking you to donate your gently used bras to a great cause! Participate in our month long campaign and build your bra wardrobe! In exchange for each donated item you will receive 10% any bra.

All donations will be sent to the Abba House Ministries, Inc. The Abba House teaches women how to deal with emotional challenges of life-past, present, and future. Though the Abba House women gain emotional stability that helps prevent them from relying on drugs, alcohol or any other harmful addiction. Many women that come to the Abba House lack necessary skills to hold a steady job or manage a household. The Abba Houses offers opportunities to these women so that they may work towards success. They are placed in leadership positions so they can learn to work as a team, be consistent, and maintain accountability. Those staying at the Abba House also learn to be a part of a healthy Family. More often than not, these women have nothing left, no place left to go. They bring their children with them to the Abba House in hopes for a new beginning. Every part of their lives are revolutionized helping them to start a new life with something to offer.

Not only is this a chance to save money on new bras for you, but it is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community. Help us support women in need!

Be a dear, donate a brassiere.


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