Are You Wearing the Right Size Bra?

Check Your Bra Fit Points
Use the guide below to check the fit of your bras at home.
B A N D  You want the band to fit like a "snug hug" on the smaller part of your back.  It should sit horizontally around your body, and not ride up your back.   If the band is angled up toward the back, it is too big.  90% of your bra's support is your band ... not your straps.   Now, raise your arms.  The bra should remain rooted firmly against your ribcage. If it pulls away, your band is too big.

C E N T E R   G O R E  The center of the bra should sit flat against your sternum. If it pulls away, your cups are too small.  (And you probably have a uni-boob!)

U N D E R W I R E  The underwire should sit entirely behind your breast tissue. Invite all your breast tissue into the cup using a "swoop & scoop" motion.  If the underwire cuts into breast tissue, not only is it uncomfortable, but over time you can have migrated breast tissue - - breast tissue that has gone in search of another place to live because there's no room for it in too-small cups (usually in your armpit).
Did you pass the test?  If not, we welcome you to schedule a complimentary bra fitting.  

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