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Every woman knows that physical activity causes our breasts to bounce up & down which can cause soreness, pain and sagging. (no sagging PLEASE!).  No matter your size, every woman should wear a sports bra while running or exercising.  

Today's bra manufacturers are on our side introducing amazing new sports bras that you will actually want to wear!  Since our breasts have no muscle, the Cooper's ligaments (ligaments near the breast which give them their size and shape) can break down and cause sagging. Once your Cooper's ligaments stretch out, they do not bounce back.   Sorry ladies!  

It's time to try a bra-sized sports bra designed to reduce this movement. One of our favorite manufacturer's is Anita.  Whether playing tennis, jogging, kick boxing, or just out for a brisk walk, Anita has a sports bra perfect for you.

AIR CONTROL DELTAPAD - Sports Bra, Maximum Support

This little beauty offers maximum support even though it is extremely light weight. It has "delta" shaped cups with a sheer panel to support air circulation.  Pretty fashionable for a sports bra!  And for those who shy away from underwire in their sports bra, this is a wire-free option.

 Maximum Support - extreme control Sports Bra  

This high impact sports bra knows no compromise. With three-section, tailored cups with ide support create a very attractive shape & provide maximum support. Another bra-sized option that is wire-free.     

Maximum Support - Momentum Underwire Sports Bra


Pure femininity. "Momentum underwire" high impact sports bra is the perfect companion, both during the day and at the gym. Underwires provide extra support and feature a flattering, low-cut neckline to create a round, feminine bust shape. The seamlessly pre-shaped cups are made of metallically shimmering, high-tech fabric.                                                                                   













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