Anatomy of a Bra Fitting

A well-fitting bra really makes a difference in how you look and feel.  At Anna Bella, we delight in assisting women in finding their ideal size & style.  Yes, bra shopping isn't typically a favorite activity, with concerns of being judged on how your body looks or feeling exposed.  Push those concerns aside as bra fitters are there to assess a bra on your body.  Customers are turned away from the fitter when bras are tried on so we see nothing except a bra on your body.  And fitters aren't assessing YOU ... they are assessing how a bra fits your unique body.  The goal is to make you extremely happy with the bras you select & to teach you how to know if the bra is a good fit.

Go ahead ... give it a try!  You have nothing to lose except the opportunity to find your perfect fit.

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