An Alternative to the Bralette

They are everywhere you shop these days .... BRALETTES.  Presented as a bra alternative, they have no underwire or padding & are made to be seen as part of your fashion. We love the lace on the back rather than a hook & eye.  We love the detail that peeks out of your clothing, adding a special touch to your outfit.

But unless your "girls" are shaped like a model's, a bralette is probably going to give an unflattering and rather flat look.  And if you have fuller breasts, it's a true study in gravitational pull!  But the look of a bralette is wonderful!  We all want to jump on the bralette bandwagon ... that is until we put them on and are not too pleased with the result.

Not to fear!  Natori has come to the rescue with a wonderful new bra providing many of the features we crave in a bralette but with the underwire we all need for shape.  A stretchy lace bralette can't provide proper support from the band, so Natori cleaverly added lace on the band & moved the bra closure to the side.  Genius!  They took it even further by making it convertible so you can wear it with regular strap position or criss-cross.

BOOM!  Thank you Natori!

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