A REVOLUTION in T-Shirt Bras

Start a Revolution of your Own
Everyone loves a good t-shirt bra!  Totally seamless so you can wear it under  thin t-shirts and knits. However, if you happen to be full busted, t-shirt bras usually come with padding or foam lining .... which means extra volume in an area where you perhaps would like to minimize volume. Should you go with a minimizer bra?  The answer is NO unless you like looking wide. 

So what's a girl to do!

The answer is in the Revolution styles of Empreinte, which are known world-wide for their expertise in producing seamless lace bras.  Their secret is in their heat-formed lace, where the lace is heated on a form, producing a cup that will retain the shape of the rounded form.  The result is a lace that has absolutely NO STRETCH in the cup and gives breasts the most beautiful rounded shape.  No extra volume - only fantastic shaping in a full lace cup.  Here's the best part .... they are BEAUTIFUL.  No more ugly bras for us full busted gals!  

Start a Revolution yourself. Make your appointment to take a test drive in your own today.  Schedule your complimentary bra fitting today at Anna Bella Fine Lingerie.  

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