A Piece of Perfection!

For women who have fuller cups, it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect bra.  It must be comfortable & good quality so it will last.  And we don't want extra padding (makes us look bigger), must bring us in on the sides (so we look 10 lbs lighter), and it should also be seamless so it can be worn under thin clothing.  And who can deliver this magical product???  None other than Empreinte!  

The company was founded in 1946 by an engineer named Jean Le Her who used his technical expertise and love of the female form to craft his marvelous creations. Located in the French town of Brest (really???), the company produces bras so beautiful that you won't want to cover them up!  This was actually the case when actress Halle Berry appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show with an Empreinte bra under a totally see-through blouse.  

Every Empreinte bra is a work of art!  Empreinte uses the best fabrics (lycra instead of elastene) Swiss tulle mesh for lining and embroideries, and precisely cut-blocked fabrics for flat side panels that bring fullness to the breast in front (no East-West here) for an “up and in” effect.  Even the straps are superior with  reduced elasticity providing extra support & comfort. 

The company is best known for their non-stretch lace or tulle, which creates the perfect shape.  Since there is no stretch in the cup, the result is a wonderfully rounded silhouette. Absolutely the best t-shirt bra!

To ensure the product meets it's high standards, every size product is tested up to a year.  With most everything produced in China these days, it is wonderful to know that Empreinte has seamstresses that have been with them for over 20 years.  And the training program to be a full trained seamstresses lasts for 3 years.

When you wear an Empreinte bra you are literally wearing a piece of perfection!  Retailers who carry the brand is limited to only three thousand retailers across the world, so when you’ve found these amazing bras you know it’s something extraordinary!  Experience the Empreinte difference for yourself!  An Empreinte bra is an investment that you will cherish forever!


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