Dreaming of a day in Paris

Oh how I wish I could go to back to Paris.  I would love to visit my favorite little scarf shop across from the little cafe with the most delicious Croque Monsieur!  Unfortunately, that is but a dream for now. If your European vacation is on hold, discover a little piece of Paris in Alpharetta.  Cafes, champagne, perfume and lingerie...everything you think of when you dream of Paris.

If you are longing to live out your dream, there may be a solution. Grace in Paris is available for local tours and they have formulated a very French experience with all of these luxuries included in an afternoon out with the girls. The tour is tailored specifically for your group of ladies, but fun is always included.  Nancy Flaherty is the co-founder and CEO of Hidden Gems with Grace. Grace, your best friend in Paris, is showing you all of the hidden gems she has found around the city.  She only shares her secrets while you indulge in the finest French offerings during your girls day out. So in lieu of traveling to France, create a Parisian experience locally.  

 For your Parisian experience please contact Nancy Flaherty @ http://hiddengemswithgrace.com.

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