4 Essential Bras For Your Wardrobe

A good bra wardrobe is just as important as any other!

1) T-Shirt Bra - You want to have at least one bra in your wardrobe that has smooth cups. This kind of bra is typically called a "t-shirt" bra because it would not show underneath a tight t-shirt. For a lace t-shirt bra try Empreinte's Melody lace t-shirt bra. It really is smooth! SHOP THIS LOOK

2) Strapless - The most common problem of strapless bras is that they don't stay up. This is quickly solved by selecting the correct size! Most women wear a band size that is too big and a cup size that is too small. The band needs to be nice and snug, and the underwire should sit flat against the center of your chest and go all the way behind your breast tissue on the sides. This way you get total support, with no readjusting! The same is true for any bra that you wear, but it is especially important with a strapless bra since 100% of your support comes from your band. Try the flirty Sensuelle Strapless by Le Mystere. SHOP THIS LOOK

3) Sports Bra - Having a great fitting bra-sized sports bra is extremely important during exercise. Cooper's ligaments help to support your breasts, and if stretched, cannot be tightened. Compression sports bras do not provide support because your tissue is still free to move around. You want to encapsulate your breast tissue in your bra. That way it is anchored to your body, not merely smashed down. Freya's functional sports bras come in flirty colors! SHOP THIS LOOK

4) Date Night Bra - Having beautiful bras in your wardrobe will boost your self-esteem. They are great even if you're not going out on a date too! Wearing something pretty underneath your clothes can be just for yourself. Try a matching set and you'll never want to wear anything else! Aubade's Passion Creole is perfect for date night and every day! SHOP THIS LOOK

Let one of our Bra Fit Specialist at Anna Bella Fine Lingerie help you get the lingerie wardrobe you have always dreamed of!  

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