Maison Close Sacre Coeur Long Sleeve Bodysuit with Suspenders 560 047

The Sacre Cœur bodysuit with long sleeves can be worn all natural to seduce or as a classy yet seductive blouse.  This centerpiece features an opaque and soft second-skin fabric. A delicate lace dress up the neckline, the arms and the bottom and create a delicious sheer playful.

Daring, the Sacre Cœur bodysuit opens at the crotch and subtly invites you to let yourself go in moments of pure pleasure.  This sexy bodysuit has 4 removable and adjustable suspenders. So you can customise your bodysuit any way you like thanks to the Signature suspenders

Maison Close inscribed in each piece of the Sacre Cœur collection the desire to ignite with devotion.

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