Aubade Fievre Andalouse Waistcincher QC52

This truly spectacular Waistcincher highlights the body with ultra sexy satin lacing. The curve of the hips is enhanced by the intense embroidery worked onto a very sensual tattoo-effect background. The detachable suspenders add the finishing touch to this piece that sizzles with vibrant femininity.

• Wider than a suspender belt, a waistcincher can be worn as high or low as you please
• Multicoloured chicken scratch embroidery on a Tattoo background
• Satin bow and ribbon
• Soft clean-cut mesh
• Decorative bobbin lace on straps
• Embroidered strip
• Soft, multi-strand tulle

Fièvre Andalouse is like an ode to vibrant, intense women, with contrasting floral lace that evokes the boho Carmen spirit. Enhanced with satin lacing, the pieces showcase your curves and shape your body to celebrate your proud, confident femininity.

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