Aubade Danse des Sens Tanga in Bleu De Prusse OG26

The Danse des Sens line would not be complete without the essential Tanga brief that charms the curves whilst unveiling them. Delicate lace traces the line of the hips in a very refined style, whilst the back unveils the buttocks and adorns the small of the back with sumptuous and luxurious scalloped details.
• Lycra lace
• Satin bow
• Backs of briefs entirely crafted in lace or clean-cut mesh (22)
Danse des Sens brings a wave of refined yet lightweight seduction to every woman. Featuring very varied designs, this line offers beautiful yet comfortable lingerie that is a delight to touch as to behold. The lace braid trims in bleu de Prusse are enhanced by intricate scalloped edging that enhances the rich and delicate floral design.