Aubade Baisers Charnels Tanga OI26

The Tanga brief offers thousands of sultry kisses between the intimacy of lovers. A must-have piece, it complements the bras in the range with its rich, eye-catching materials. The front offers good coverage adorned with embroidery featuring precious scrolls, decorating the small of the back before blending into a high-cut style at the back.

• Embroidered braid on Lycra tulle
• Satin elastic
• Embroidered Lycra panel

Embroidery takes centre stage in the Baisers Charnels line, where Aubade breaks all the rules of classic lingerie to create a captivating wardrobe. The paisley colour offers black embroidery swirls that appear chiselled onto a flesh-coloured tulle background. Elasticated strips at the neckline create a graphic effect that adds a breath of sensuality.