Arlotta Cashmere Long Wrap Robe 2011

Throughout history, cashmere has been known to be the fabric of royalty. Enduring still today, cashmere has consistently been revered as a high-quality and beautifully luxurious product. Anyone who has the opportunity to wear a cashmere robe or lounge set from Arlotta will recognize the legacy of luxury when the cashmere embraces them.

The Arlotta design is modern and sophisticated. The cashmere hand is soft to the touch. The very finest yarns in the world are used and sourced from Inner Mongolia in China.


Arlotta's signature weight is sumptuous. Supremely soft, the cashmere yarn is spun and then knitted to a heavenly texture that caresses the body with a cloudlike softness. It took many years to accomplish the specific weight, spec and yarn size to make the Arlotta collection just perfect.

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