Antinea Tendre Capture Thong CCG0023

  • Tendre Capture tanga lingerie range by Antin??a from Lise Charmel brand.
  • The tanga is underscored by a glamorous string around the waist, removable made of deep red fascinating and lovely.
  • Tanga made of multithread tulle soft and tonic, providing lightness and suggestibility.
  • A lace Jacquard trim and its matching width provide different backgrounds as well as good comfort when worn.
  • The different backgrounds (different fishnets, sizes and tassels), the matte and shiny threads show the richness and quality of the lace.
  • Rings, sliders, and zamak snaps give the tanga a sensuous touch.
  • Tendre Capture tanga plays the game of seduction, a seductive funny production for lovers passion.