Caring for Your Intimates


Hand washing is the way to go to protect your intimates. And not Woolite - that's for wool! We recommend using lingerie wash. Even the cheapest bras have the hand wash symbol. If you are a risk taker and prefer machine washing, use a mesh laundry bag on gentle cycle. DO NOT put bras in the dryer. Heat warps and stretches the synthetic fibers. Air dry and you will double the life of your bras. With hand washing, they will last even longer!


You shouldn't wear the same bra two days in a row. It's best to let the elastic recover and shrink back to its ideal size. After two wears, wash it, however you can wash it after only one wear. A minimum of three bras gives you one to wear today, one in your drawer for tomorrow and one in the laundry. Women over-wear bras... the single biggest reason they wear out. If you are lax at laundering, simply add more bras.


Handle wet silk with care since it is very delicate. Use a mild soap. Wash delicately in cold water then rinse with cold water. Wrap silk in a dry towel and loosely roll it to remove moisture. Roll out the silk and straighten it gently at the corners. For wrinkles, use iron at coolest temperature setting and iron on the inside of the garment.

We recommend washing all your intimates with a delicate wash to break down dirt & oil instead of fibers without destroying elasticity, fit & shape. 


PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS:  Anna Bella offers two lines of delicate Wash:  Glamorous Wash & Fashion Care.  Click on the images below to explore the options available for each.