Aubade Flowermania Bustier in Noir LA36-Bras-Aubade-Noir-32-C-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie
Aubade Flowermania Bustier in Noir LA36-Bras-Aubade-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie
Aubade Flowermania Bustier in Noir LA36-Bras-Aubade-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

Aubade Flowermania Bustier in Noir LA36

A truly seductive and captivating piece, the Flowermania bustier boasts contrasting and transparent materials, combining refined lace featuring exotic patterns with transparent tulle in a structured, eye-catching shape. With gold-coloured details between the cups and on the straps, it can be worn as sexy and comfortable underwear or as a top underneath an oversized blazer for an elegant and sensual mix of masculine and feminine.

Because you should never have to choose between sexy lingerie and an eco-friendly approach, the Flowermania line boasts a contrast between recycled lace with exotic patterns and refined transparent tulle. Seductively trimmed with gold-coloured details and hypnotic guipure lace which is also recycled, the timeless pieces in the collection come in intense black or flamboyant red for a decidedly daring look.

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