What Should YOU Be Wearing to Bed?-Anna Bella Fine Lingerie

What Should YOU Be Wearing to Bed?

October 27, 2019

At the end of the day, you wind down & relax into bed.  What you choose to wear during this part of your day is a very personal choice. Which of these sleepwear favorites are you most likely to select.

Romper - There is nothing wrong with rompers, but don't think you're fooling anyone.  Isn't this really a frilly sweat suit... but sexy. 


Full-Length Pajamas - Although this is a popular choice, this outfit pretty much says, "We're not having sex tonight." These comfy pj's are perfect for lounging in bed or on the couch ... when you want to relax & pamper yourself. Tonight it's all about you.

Shorts Pajamas  Slightly sexier than full-length pajamas, this choice says, "Sleep is a priority, but if you bring your A-game, I could be convinced."


Cami and Tap Shorts - OK fancy lady ... this is really the same as the romper, but shinier. And you look adorable!


Kimono Robe This is the classy lingerie that says, "I'm sexy, but I'm comfortable, and I have good taste."



Chemise  This straddles the line between sexy and practical. You could seduce someone in this and then wear it to sleep afterward.


Slouchy Set - The perfect upgrade for those who love their sweatpants.  You may even been tempted to wear this out of the house!


Sheer Nightie - Some complain that spending money is a waste when it comes to lingerie ... how long does it actually stay on the body??  A sheer nightie is money well spent as there is no need to take anything off to actually see your beauty.



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Bra Fitting!  It sounds terrifying doesn't it!  But it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. After all, your bra is probably the most important thing you put on every day and most of us are wearing a bra that doesn't provide the best support.

Take a moment & think about the last time you went bra shopping.  Odds are the bra you selected didn't work quite the way you wanted.  So now you have to put back on your clothes & head to the sales floor to find another option.  But what was the reason the first option didn't work you try to remember?  And does Brand A fit the same as Brand B.  And beyond bra size, which style work best for me?

Now envision going to a store & having someone help you find the best bra for your unique body.  Someone who understands the differences among the brands & can help you find a bra you will LOVE!  

But isn't it weird to have someone in the fitting room helping you with bras?  The answer is NO.  Our fitters are professional & are there to analyze the fit of the bra ... not the person wearing it!  Customers are turned away from the fitter when putting on bras, so the only thing they see is you in a bra!  You will be surprised how easy the process is.  Most customers report it is actually a lot of fun!

The goal is to find a bra that fits wonderfully & makes you feel amazing.  

Go ahead ... give it a try!

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