Time for Tailgating!

"I am so not in the mood to watch College Football" said no one ...  EVER!  

Finally, it's tailgate season in the South!  Every college football fan knows the feeling that overtakes stadiums at this time of year.  And with football season comes TAILGATING!  Tailgating isn't just a way to kill time before the game.  It's an all-day BBQ - family reunion - cocktail party - fashion show - all rolled into a wonderful afternoon.   Only in the South do small towns double in population by game time on Saturday. So get your guys GAME & TAILGATE READY with fun & comfy SAXX men's underwear.  Whether you choose the Tailgating print - the Navy Hot Dog - or the ever-so-patriotic Chambray American, your men will be stylish & comfortable until it's time to pack up and head for home.




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